At LIS we believe that for retirees the number one risk to one’s retirement portfolio is getting sick. Proper planning for potential long term care costs can mean the difference between running out of money too soon or spending down assets otherwise meant for legacy purposes.

Today’s Hybrid Long Term Care solutions allow for care to be given when, where, and how you want with 100% of claims covered. Gone are the days of use it or lose it, today’s solutions offer 100% return on premium if you never get sick.

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Long Term Care Planning 101


Usage of Long-Term Care

52%: Percentage of people turning age 65 who will need some type of long-term care services in their lifetimes.

58%: Estimated percentage of women 65 and older who will need long-term care during their lifetimes.

70%: Percentage of people in nursing homes who are women.

2.5 years: Average number of years women will need long-term care.

1.5 years: Average number of years men will need long-term care.

8-10 years: Average life expectancy following an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Cost of Care

$137 billion: Long-term care expenditures in the U.S., 2000.

$208 billion: Long-term care expenditures in the U.S., 2015.

$48,612: Median annual cost for assisted-living facility, 2019.

$52,624: Median annual cost for a home health aide (44 hours/week; 52 weeks/year), 2019.

$102,200: Median annual nursing-home cost, private room, 2019.